S.H.I.P., Inc.
April Price & Associates
  • Sea-Life habitat Improvement Project, Inc., is a newly formedd 501(c)3 public charity formed on March 15, 2010, with a mission to deploy a large Navy-type vessel off the Treasure Coast of Florida as an artifical reef site.
  • Project will be comparable to the Spiegel Grove and USS Vandenberg reefs in the Florida Keys. Both Projects have proven to be successful both for the marine habitat and the community.
  • This projected is estimated to cost approximately $8 million and take 8-10 years to complete
  • The majority of the cost is in the cleanup, prep and deployment.
  • This reef will support marine research, divers of all skill sets, fishing and tourism.
  • Here are just a few ways you can lend your support:
  • Become a member. Annual memberships start as low as $10 for students.
    • Display one of our coin collection banks at your place of business.
    • Make Sea-Life Habitat Improvement Project, Inc., a beneficiary to your company or community fundraiser.
    • Support our fundraising events through attendance and sponsorship.
    • Consider SHIP, Inc., when preparing your estate planning.
  • Get on our “S.H.I.P. List” today!